Image of Ms. Strong

Kari Strong

Assistant Director for Special Education (Grades K-8)

MA, Professional Counseling, Argosy University; BA, Psychology, State University of West Georgia

Kari Strong began teaching in 2002 and joined the Georgia Connections Academy team in 2015. She is the Assistant Director for Special Education (Grades K-8).

Why I Became a Teacher

My mother and a host of family members were educators, so I actually tried to avoid teaching! I enjoyed learning about what motivates people and why people respond to situations the way they do. After obtaining my degree in psychology, I quickly learned that motivating young people and helping them reach their potential both academically and emotionally was an amazing feeling.

I realized that I am a helper. I am passionate about the emotional health of students in addition to their academic needs. I believe that students learn at their optimal level when they feel supported and safe to make mistakes. As a special education teacher, my background in psychology and professional counseling is very useful in providing insight into the emotional needs that directly impact the educational needs of students.

I am passionate about the emotional health of students in addition to their academic needs.

—  Ms. Strong

The Online School Experience at Coastal Connections Academy

Teaching virtually has allowed me to learn new ways of engaging students and expanded my teaching style to address learners in ways that I never knew were possible. As a special education teacher, I appreciate the time that’s provided to truly plan with my co-teachers to provide instruction that addresses the needs of our students.

Student engagement is paramount in the learning process. Using programs with digital images to catch students’ attention in addition to music prior to class while students have a chance to chat and interact with one another helps maintain engagement. I also allow students to share things that are meaningful to them at the end of class such as artwork, music, jokes, or pets. Students respond when they feel things that are important to them are important to me.

Georgia Connections Academy prepares students for a bright and successful future by providing opportunities for them to grow with access teachers and resources for support. Students are taught accountability and time management skills. LiveLesson® session recordings give students the opportunity to review and practice to ensure skills are understood. Teachers are available four days a week to ensure that they can provide support. All students are valued, and differences are appreciated.

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

Virtual learning is awesome, challenging, different and rewarding. Give you and your student permission to learn and ask questions.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a proud mother of six beautiful children. My husband and I have been married for 19 years. We have one gorgeous granddaughter. Our family enjoys finding new dishes to cook that are healthy and tasty. We love exercising and outdoor activities such as walking, playing kickball, riding bikes, and picnicking at local parks.