Image of Kaleigh Wilson

Kaleigh Wilson

High School Mathematics Teacher
Student Engagement Specialist

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Education, University of Georgia; Master of Education, Mathematics Education, Georgia State University

Ms. Wilson began her career in 2016, teaching in a traditional classroom environment. She joined the faculty at Georgia Connections Academy in 2021 and has become a strong advocate for online learning. With more one-on-one interactions with her students, she can better understand each of them as individuals, both as learners and people. “I love the moments where I get to see my students’ personalities shine through,” she says. “It’s the most rewarding part of my work.”

Math Requires … a Construction Helmet?

Ms. Wilson understands that online learning presents different kinds of challenges for teachers, as well as unique opportunities. “Being virtual has really pushed me to come up with creative ways to keep students' attention,” she says.

Many students find math to be difficult, even intimidating. Learning to solve a tough problem often starts with having the right mindset, and that starts with lightening the mood. “I break out my hardhat – yes, a literal construction hat,” Ms. Wilson reports. It’s not only a way to put a smile on students’ faces, but also a signal to get to work, “to get involved in the mess of problem-solving,” she says, “to reason through difficulties and help one another find the solution.”

Four-legged Teaching Assistants

Another creative way Ms. Wilson keeps math fun and interesting? Her labradoodles. Sonny and Hank make frequent guest appearances during Live Lessons® and are often the stars of word problems.

When she’s not teaching, Ms. Wilson enjoys taking the dogs to the park, trying new restaurants with her husband, and playing tennis with her sister and mother.