Image of Ms. Griffin

Dieldra Brown

High School Principal

BA, Sociology, Georgia State University; MA, Teaching Middle School Mathematics and Science, Georgia State University; Tier I Educational Leadership, Columbus State University; Currently pursuing Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership, Kennesaw State University

Dieldra Griffin began teaching at Georgia Connections Academy in 2014.

Why I Became a Teacher

I became an educator to have a positive impact on the lives of young people by encouraging them to use education as a catalyst to create change for their future and the world in which they live.

The Online School Experience at Georgia Connections Academy

I love working with students at Georgia Connections Academy because they are representatives from cities all over the State of Georgia. They come from various backgrounds with so many unique stories which make their learning experiences much more meaningful. When they come to LiveLesson® sessions, they share their experiences and make connections to learning in a collaborative environment in ways that enrich the learning of all students.

Our staff sets the tone at our school by creating a welcoming community of parents and students. They work diligently to ensure all students are welcomed as soon as they begin. We serve a diverse group of learners, and we work to create ongoing opportunities for all families to engage in their student's learning.

Knowing that we serve a diverse group of learners we work to create ongoing opportunities for all families to engage in their student's learning.

—  Ms. Griffin

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

Online learning allows for a more student-focused approach to education. Resources are available for scholars to complete their coursework in a non-traditional school setting that allows them to focus on learning with fewer distractions. Online learning also provides scholars with the opportunity to work with instructional material during non-traditional school hours that may be more convenient for a family's schedule.

Georgia Connections Academy works closely with families to meet the specific needs of each scholar. Our school provides a different choice for an educational experience that helps prepare students for bright futures. In addition to the many instructional resources available, we offer various virtual opportunities to engage in the world around them such as field trips, various academic clubs, and college and career exploration events.