Image of Ms. Fernandez-Rhoden

Caroline M. Fernandez-Rhoden

Principal of Curriculum & Instruction

Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Psychology, Rutgers University; Master of Education, University of Georgia; Specialist in Education, Educational Leadership, Georgia State University

Caroline M. Fernandez-Rhoden joined Georgia Connections Academy in 2017 and serves as the principal of curriculum and instruction. She is a former Learning Coach and parent of a Georgia Connections Academy graduate.

Why I Became an Educator

I vehemently believe that all students deserve access to a high-quality education that challenges, inspires, and fosters a love for the process of learning. Over the past 18 years, I’ve had the privilege of serving as both an educator and an instructional leader. In those capacities, I’ve been able to help students overcome a multitude of barriers and achieve academic success.  

I’m proud to be part of a school that extends beyond the walls of a traditional school and offers all students an opportunity to grow and cultivate their interests in a safe, nurturing, and flexible learning environment. 

What Makes Georgia Connections Academy Special

This school has never stopped evolving. It’s a place where students from all backgrounds and walks of life can learn from world-class educators and access learning opportunities that are fun, engaging, and rigorous. We value our parents, Learning Coaches, and families, and understand the importance of working collaboratively to ensure positive student outcomes. 

“I’m excited to work with families, caretakers, and Learning Coaches to help students achieve their goals and follow their dreams.” 

—  Ms. Fernandez-Rhoden