Image of Amy Wilcox

Amy Wilcox

Elementary School Principal

University of Alaska; University of Northern Colorado; Georgia State University; Kennesaw State University; Liberty University

Ms. Wilcox has been with Georgia Connections Academy since the school opened in 2011. It has been “an incredible rewarding experience,” she says. Compared to the traditional school environment, virtual learning has enabled her “to connect with students on a deeper level.” With more one-on-one conversations – without traditional classrooms – she is able to see students develop “not just academically, but as individuals.”

Welcoming and Inclusive

Ms. Wilcox is proud of the “welcoming and inclusive community” that exists at Georgia Connections Academy. As part of the school’s leadership, she says that “open communication and collaboration” have been prioritized right from the beginning. Everyone – parents, teachers, students – is “encouraged to actively participate in school activities, meetings, and events,” she says. The school also has support systems in place “to ensure that everyone feels valued and involved.”

The Georgia Connections Academy community has thrived, Ms. Wilcox explains, because it is not dependent on a brick-and-mortar building. “Our online platform fosters a sense of belonging,” she says. “Everyone can connect and support one another, no matter where they are located.”

“Aha!” Moments

Ultimately, however, what Ms. Wilcox most appreciates is what every passionate educator appreciates: making a positive, tangible difference in the lives of students. “My favorite part of the job,” she says, “is witnessing the ‘Aha’ moment when a student grasps a challenging concept or achieves a personal breakthrough.”

These “moments of understanding” are frequent reminders of why Ms. Wilcox chose to join Georgia Connections Academy in the first place. It’s all about helping each student “reach their full potential.”