How to Request a Transcript



All transcript requests will now be fulfilled electronically through Georgia Connections Academy has authorized Parchment, Inc. to provide transcripts in electronic or paper format. If this is your first time requesting a transcript, you will first have to register by creating a new account on Once you have created your account, you can request to have your transcript sent to any destination and track your transcript order. The first transcript request will be completely free of charge. Please see the “Fees” section below for more information.

How To

Steps to Request an Official Transcript

  1. Visit the customized Georgia Connections Academy transcript request page.

  2. Fill in the required fields to create your free account. For the "last year attended," please enter the student's expected high school graduation year. If the student is a graduate, please enter the actual graduation year.

  3. Follow the prompts and sign the waiver.

  4. Finally, select the destination(s) where you’d like your transcript to be received, either electronically or via mail. You can choose to receive a copy for yourself, search for a school, or enter the destination data manually.
Other Record Requests

Unofficial Transcript and Report Card Requests

To request unofficial transcripts, report cards or test scores free of charge, please fill out our Records Request form.

More Information

If you have any additional questions regarding official or unofficial transcripts please contact our Records Manager:

Brittany Barronton
Phone: 470-655-5154

Seniors and other students who transfer schools primarily need official transcripts. An official transcript is one that has the necessary designations to provide authenticity and validity to the report of grades. Official transcripts are sent directly to the appropriate agency and have all official required designations.

Unofficial transcripts can be used to enroll your student in to a new public or private school, or for personal use. The schools can then request all official records directly from Georgia Connections Academy by faxing a records request to 678.669.2506 or email


  • If the student is currently enrolled with Georgia Connections Academy: An unofficial current progress report/transcript is available at any time by logging into Connexus. More information is available in the school handbook.
  • If the student has withdrawn from Georgia Connections Academy: Parchment is the primary method to request a copy of the student’s transcript or grades.
  • Requesting other student records or cumulative file: The official student cumulative file will be sent directly to the next school once that school makes a written request. Parents and guardians of students, and students over 18 years of age, are also able to request copies of items from their cumulative file by submitting a request to the school’s Records Department. While electronic transcripts are provided via Parchment, copies of other items from the cumulative file are typically provided by mail, and a copying fee may be applied.

Other schools and school districts can receive transcripts electronically directly from Parchment by signing up for the free receiving service, but the enrolled student must initiate the request in Parchment.

Please send your Special Education requests to

How long does it take to send out records?
It normally takes 7-10 business days for records to be sent out.

Where do I send my completed 504 Medical documents?
All 504 documents should be sent to Ms. Javan Gill via fax at 470-655-5149 or email via

Please note that our contract with Parchment ensures that your personal information will not be shared, so don’t hesitate to set up your account. Student information entered will only be used to fulfill the transcript request and is kept secure.

For our current students, the first electronic official transcript will be completely free of charge. After the first official transcript, additional copies carry a small fee of $6.65 which includes a school fee of $2.50 and a convenience charge of $4.15 from Parchment.

For graduates, The first transcript request will be free for recent graduates of Georgia Connections Academy schools. Please request your transcript prior to August 1st. After that, additional copies will carry a small fee of $6.65 which includes a school fee of $2.50 and a convenience charge of $4.15 from Parchment.

For any other questions regarding transcripts, please call our office at 678-825-3258.

Records Manager:
Brittany Barronton
Phone: 470-655-5154