Taking Responsibility

Nathan had spent years at a brick-and-mortar school – with its traditional approach to learning and its rigid schedule. He wasn’t happy. He wasn’t doing well academically. His parents considered every alternative, including private schools, charter schools, and traditional homeschooling. Then they discovered Georgia Connections Academy.

“It’s better than my last school in every way,” Nathan says.

One of Georgia Connections Academy’s most significant advantages is the flexibility of the curriculum, and the ability for Nathan to learn in a way that works best for him. Online learning requires that students spend more time working independently, completing assignments as expected, and being proactive about asking for help when it’s needed. In other words, Nathan has had to take on more responsibility than ever before.

He enjoys “getting all [his] homework and studying done between 11am and 4pm.” He likes that he “can work ahead and take days off.” And he has developed strong relationships with his teachers. “I feel comfortable,” he says, “asking for help when I need it.” 

Sports & Esports

One of the reasons Nathan is motivated to stay on top of his schoolwork is so that at 4 pm he can turn his attention fully to sports and other extracurricular activities. He plays soccer and participates in parkour.

He enjoys paddle boarding during his family's frequent vacations, which is yet another reason Nathan often completes his work in advance.

He also has made a major commitment to Esports, as part of the competitive interscholastic team at Georgia Connections Academy. (Esports continues to experience spectacular growth, in both participation and viewership.) “I love that I get to do the thing I love,” Nathan says, “as a team sport.”

As a student and as a person, Nathan is thriving at Georgia Connections Academy.