Image of Jennifer B, learning coach

Lisa B.

Learning Coach

A Family with Unique Circumstances

Traditional school was never a realistic option for Lisa’s family. Because of a long-term medical condition, Lisa cannot drive. “I walk with a cane,” she says, “and our driveway is long and rough. [Even] getting my children on a public school bus would be hard.”

From the beginning, the family had made the decision to homeschool their children. But Lisa “still wanted them to learn from actual teachers.” Georgia Connections Academy offered the best of both worlds: “at home yet with qualified state-accredited teachers and curriculum.”

“Finding the right school for your family is very important,” Lisa says. “My children enjoy getting up for school each day.”

Continuous Communication

Georgia Connections Academy offers a flexible curriculum, enabling Lisa and her family to enjoy extracurricular activities without any tradeoffs with schoolwork.

“This year both my children are in Girl Scouts,” she says, which requires a significant commitment of both time and energy. One of her daughters also participates in the Georgia Connections Academy chorus. However, managing schoolwork isn’t a problem. “Some days we work ahead and some days we leave it for the next day,” explains Lisa. “I love having that flexibility.”

Lisa recognizes that the teachers are the key to making it all work. “I have loved all the teachers I have had to work with at Georgia Connections Academy,” she says. Communication with teachers and all members of the faculty has been clear and constant, for day-to-day issues – or for any issue. “They are quick to answer any email I send,” Lisa says, “and want the best for my children and me.”