Kindness Counts

Kae’Den did not have a good experience at the traditional brick-and-mortar school he attended for many years. It was challenging to succeed as a student in a social environment that was so unwelcoming. He wasn’t happy.

Switching to Georgia Connections Academy changed everything for Kae’Den. “Being at Georgia Connections Academy, I don’t have to worry about other students being mean,” he says. “My Georgia Connections Academy friends are kind to me and so are the teachers.”

Strong interpersonal relationships are important for every student, and every person. Kae’Den recognizes what a difference it has made for him. “I love all my teachers and my friends,” he says. “They are all kind to me.”

Better Education, Better Fit

Georgia Connections Academy offers a less rigid schedule than traditional schools, one that easily adapts to the needs of each individual student and each individual family. Because Kae’Den’s mother works from home, he can learn throughout the day, integrating his classes and projects within her schedule – and “have free time with his family.”

It’s all working well for Kae’Den. “Being at Georgia Connections Academy allows me to be able to get a better understanding of my work,” he explains. And when he needs academic help, it’s always available. “Compared to regular public school,” he says, “I have more one-on-one time with teachers and extra help if I need it.”

He enjoys language arts. Math is also a “favorite subject,” even though he finds it “challenging.” In fact, the way Kae’Den now embraces these kinds of academic challenges is indicative of the kind of student he has become at Georgia Connections Academy. “It forces me to try my hardest.”