Image of Jennifer B, learning coach

Jennifer B.

Learning Coach

Both of Jennifer’s students have learning differences – and their old brick-and-mortar school was simply not able to accommodate them. “It was a constant fight,” Jennifer says. “Our local school would not provide the services my children needed.” The kids “hated” school. She and her husband spent “countless hours of deliberation and worry and stress.” Then they found Georgia Connections Academy.

Thriving, Confident, Happy

For Jennifer and her family, Georgia Connections Academy was “a literal answer to our prayers.” Instead of force-fitting her students’ unique learning needs into the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, “Georgia Connections Academy allows my students to excel where they are strong and provides appropriate support where they are weak,” Jennifer says.

For years, school had been a constant source of frustration for all members of the family. No longer. “My two children are thriving,” Jennifer says. “Their confidence has soared. They are happy!”

As a Learning Coach, Jennifer plays a significantly more active role than parents do at a traditional school. It’s a responsibility she welcomes. “I absolutely love getting to be so involved in my students’ lessons,” she says. Sometimes, she and her students even “do [their] own research together about the things [they] are learning.”

Flexibility Benefits the Entire Family

Georgia Connections Academy offers a flexible curriculum, one that adapts easily to what works best for each student, as well as each family. “We work really hard to plan out our weeks so that they finish all of their schoolwork, including studying and working on portfolios, within our school day,” Jennifer explains. Both her students participate in extracurricular activities – soccer, parkour, tumbling, Esports; the flexible schedule at Georgia Connections Academy means no trade-offs between those activities and their schoolwork.

“We have the flexibility to sleep in when sports practice goes late during the week,” Jennifer says. At a typical traditional school, that is not an option.

Jennifer’s family also takes frequent trips. They “love to travel and paddle board all around Florida,” she says, “and go the beach as often as possible.” It’s yet another reason they’ve embraced online learning. “Being able to work ahead and then take time off for travel is one of the things we love the most about Georgia Connections Academy.”

It’s been several years since Jennifer’s family “decided to give Georgia Connections Academy a chance,” she says, “and we have never looked back!”