Learning at Her Own Pace

Anna never felt comfortable at the brick-and-mortar school she attended previously. Like many children with learning differences, she struggled with the traditional approach to testing. At Georgia Connections Academy, Anna explains, “you are not rushed on tests.”

The flexible curriculum enables families and teachers to approach the material in a way that makes sense for each individual student, and best fits their learning style. “And if you need any special accommodations,” Anna adds, “they are not impossible to get like at my old school.”

At Georgia Connections Academy, Anna now enjoys many subjects, science in particular, she says, “because I get to learn new and interesting things.” For the first time, she is enjoying school and, not coincidentally, thriving academically. “My favorite experience was getting the Star Student award last year,” Anna reports.

Flexibility, Fun, Family

The flexible curriculum at Georgia Connections Academy offers Anna another important benefit: the freedom to enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities. “I love tumbling, soccer, and hanging out with my friends,” she says.

For Anna, being able to work at her own pace means that she is often able to work ahead of schedule and complete her assignments in advance. This aspect of the school’s flexible approach works out extremely well for Anna’s family; they take frequent trips to all kinds of fun and interesting places. “I get to work my schedule around fun stuff like going to the beach,” Anna says, “and traveling and swimming with manatees!”