Shannon Cox

Shannon Cox

Executive Director

Bachelor’s Degree in History and Secondary Education, University of Northern Colorado; Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with Principal Licensure, Colorado State University-Global Campus

Shannon Cox joined Colorado Connections Academy in 2013 and she has wanted to be an educator for as long as she can remember. Her story is below.


"I was one of those children who loved learning and would get excited when the teacher would clean out the classroom at the end of the school year and give away extra textbooks. This allowed me to play school with my siblings, stuffed animals, or anyone else I could get to sit still for me.

As I got older, I began to realize that students who were successful in school often had a great support system at home or were “favorites” among their teachers, but other students didn’t seem to have anyone advocating for them. I firmly believe every student deserves to have someone in their corner, and pursued a career in education so I could be that person for students who needed it. This profession gives me the opportunity to blend my love of learning with my passion for helping children to get on the right path for an amazing future.

My favorite part of working with the students here is building relationships with such amazing young people. Each one of our students has an incredible and unique background that makes them one of a kind. Getting to work individually or in small groups with them allows me to learn their backgrounds and stories so much more than I could in a traditional school setting.

“Our students are INCREDIBLE! I’m blown away daily by the amazing things they accomplish in their academic and personal lives.”

— Ms. Cox

COVID-19 has left so many people feeling disconnected, and we’re on a mission to make sure all our students, families, and staff members get to regain that sense of belonging this year. We’ll be offering a wide range of in-person and virtual field trips, events, and social opportunities so people can get to know one another and build those important connections. We’re also increasing our focus on social-emotional learning and diversity, equity, and inclusion to make sure we’re doing our best to ensure that everyone experiences a welcoming and inclusive school/work environment.

Our students work diligently to be successful in school, and I also get to witness them becoming truly wonderful human beings. I get to watch them being kind and supportive of one another as they build a community of friends. I get to watch them use online education as a pathway to pursue their dreams. I get to watch them overcome obstacles and see that they really CAN do this. Working in this environment allows me to really get to know my students. They are my favorite part of this job every day.

Online school allows students to learn in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and safe while still receiving a high-quality public education. Our students are given a lot of choices and flexibility to tailor their day-to-day education in a way that meets their needs and lifestyle, while also meeting all state and national requirements.

We provide students with a rigorous curriculum that allows them to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in any post-secondary pathway they choose. Our teachers work with students on a large-group, small-group, and individual basis to make sure they’ve mastered the skills needed to be successful. We have an incredible counseling team that works with our students to find the path that they want to be on and supports them in reaching that goal!"