Amy Davis

Amy Davis

Secondary Principal

Amy Davis is a secondary principal at Colorado Connections Academy. She earned her bachelor's degree in English from Tarleton State University and a master's degree in administration from the University of Phoenix. Ms. Davis started teaching in 1999 and began her career in administration in 2012. She shares her story below:

“Education is in my blood. My mother was an elementary teacher, and education was held in high regard in my family. I knew I wanted to be a teacher from an early age. I was one of those kids who would line up my stuffed animals and ‘play school.’ After 11 years as a middle school Language Arts teacher, I was encouraged by one of my principals to pursue administration. I’ve been fortunate to have held many administration jobs since 2012 as a middle school and K–8 assistant principal in brick-and-mortar [schools]. In 2015, I joined the Connections Academy team as the elementary assistant principal for Colorado Connections Academy. In 2018, I became the K–8 principal. and will be moving into the high school principal position in 2021.

I have found that being in the virtual environment allows teachers, staff, and administrators the ability to form meaningful connections with students and families. The ability to provide truly individualized instruction and support sets our school apart.

As an administrator, I can have one-on-one conversations with students and parents regarding how students are performing in their courses. I can address concerns individually and provide encouragement when needed. I am a firm believer in PBIS (Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions), and have championed the recognition of students who demonstrate high character qualities.

"The ability to provide truly individualized instruction and support sets our school apart."

— Ms. Davis

An education at Colorado Connections Academy sets students up for a bright and successful future by providing them an individualized education experience and the ability to have access to various courses they might not be able to take at their traditional school.

The connections our teachers, staff, and administration form with students is truly meaningful. We work diligently to ensure students’ individual needs are met and that every student has the opportunity to learn every day.

I love to be outdoors whether it is gardening, camping, or hiking. When not behind my computer working, I can often be found engaging in my true passion—fly fishing!”

Amy Davis