Yelena Shchennikova

Yelena Shchennikova


Yelena Shchennikova is a Colorado Connections Academy graduate. She was interested in a more flexible learning environment to balance gymnastics and school, so her family decided to enroll with Colorado Connections Academy. She shares her story below:

“I am very passionate about gymnastics. It’s a big part of my life, so it’s challenging to schedule anything around my full gymnastics schedule. All my friends are involved in gymnastics. Half of my friends even live in different states! We stay close by using FaceTime and texting throughout the day. That’s why I was very excited about the flexible learning environment at Colorado Connections Academy! It would allow me to practice up to seven hours a day, six days a week, and I wouldn’t have to miss any school days. I think my family made the right decision!

My favorite subject is English, because I love to write stories or just keep a journal about what’s happening in my life. At Colorado Connections Academy, I know I can always rely on my teachers if I’m stuck on a lesson or if I start to fall behind on my homework because of an upcoming gymnastics competition. Getting individual attention when I need it has been a great relief while I pursue my dreams. It’s good to know that my teachers are always only a phone call away. Also, the program at Colorado Connections Academy is NCAA approved, so I’ll be able to do college gymnastics.

"I love Colorado Connections Academy because I can get a good education while I pursue my dreams!"

— Yelena

After I graduate from Colorado Connections Academy, I can’t wait to do college gymnastics. My future goal is to make the 2020 Olympic Games, which has been my dream since I started gymnastics.”

Yelena performing gymnastics