Hannah Gaster

Hannah Gaster

High School Student

Hannah Gaster is a high school school student at Colorado Connections Academy. She became interested in Colorado Connections Academy because she wanted to experience what it would be like to work with online teachers. She shares her story below:

“This program works well for me because the teachers help me if I am struggling. I feel that my teachers are also my friends. My favorite subject is science because I like to learn about new things.

Connections Academy is different from my previous school by being online. We have live lessons, more personal attention, and the teachers are there for me. I am passionate about swimming and I can manage my schedule around swim schedule by completing all my school work first. I am still able to keep in touch with my friends by emailing or texting with them”.

"I love Connections Academy because the teachers are nice! I also like that we can work at our own pace."

— Hannah