Elle Murphy

Elle Murphy


Elle Murphy is a graduate from Colorado Connections Academy. Elle previously attended a brick-and-mortar school but was interested in Colorado Connections Academy because she needed a more flexible schedule that would allow her to travel to ski. Elle’s story is below:

Elle is an Alpine ski racer and has been skiing since she was six years old. She skis for Apen Valley Ski Club and has skied for Ireland Junior World Championships in Switzerland as well as the Whistler Cup. Over the past year alone, she’s traveled to ten different countries, including New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, and Canada. Elle enjoys the flexibility she has with Colorado Connections Academy while she travels.

Once the skiing season is over, Elle is committed to doing schoolwork and loves when she gets the opportunity to incorporate her knowledge of foreign countries into her lessons and interactions with other students during LiveLesson sessions. Elle likes that she can choose what subjects she’d like to focus on. Her favorite subjects are English, world history, and biology (health). She is an A student and takes honors classes. Whenever she has to catch up on schoolwork, she can complete it on the weekends and also work on holidays. She thinks the teachers are phenomenal and likes how flexible and available they are according to her schedule.

Elle Skiing