Audrey Vandergraph

Audrey Vandergraph

Middle School Student

Audrey Vandergraph is a middle school student at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA). She became interested in the school because her sister attends Connections Academy. Audrey shares her story below:

“I like the flexibility of being able to move forward at an accelerated pace. My personal schedule is busy. My schoolwork never suffers because I can work on it anywhere. I love science, and there are lots of activities for me to participate in at Colorado Connections Academy. My mom is my Learning Coach and also my best friend. I also really like my Connections Academy teacher Mrs. Maher. She is very nice.

I also own one of the largest online art distribution outlets in the United States. represents thousands of artists and offers over 392,000 different pieces of artwork along with posters and metal fabrications. Business Week recently referred to me as the youngest senior executive in the United States. I stay busy. I am a straight A student, and the flexibility of being able to do schoolwork anytime and on my schedule really helps.

"My personal schedule is busy. My schoolwork never suffers because I can work on it anywhere."

— Audrey

I live with my best friends. My sister is Sarah. She goes to Connections Academy and is nine years old, doing high school classwork. My sister and my parents are also successful business owners. We do everything as a family. My dad says that if we cannot go somewhere as a family, then we probably do not need to be there. I agree.

Currently my sister Sarah and I are looking at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. We both expect to graduate from high school at a very young age.”