The Right Learning Experience for Your Child

Learning is a journey. And, at Colorado Connections Academy, we guide our students forward with the one-on-one attention and individualized learning environment they need.
Individualized Instruction

Putting Every Student in Position to Succeed

Potential. Every student has plenty of it. And, at Colorado Connections Academy, we’ll make sure your child has everything they need to fulfill theirs.

We begin by understanding each student’s personality, passions and concerns, and work with them to build a course schedule and ongoing learning path that fits who they are as a student and individual. It’s an approach that sees curriculum as opportunity. And it makes sure that, even as your child stays on track to advance from one grade to the next, they’re following their passions, learning about themselves and growing into a strong and capable person.

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Timely Intervention

Keeping Students on the Right Track

One of the great benefits of online public school is that you, as your child’s Learning Coach, can follow their progress and lend a hand—or give a nudge—whenever they need. But at Colorado Connections Academy, you’ll be far from alone in supporting your child. Teachers will also be there, making sure your child is thriving, and acting quickly if they are struggling. Whether your child just needs some additional resources or whether they could use small group or one-on-one instruction, our teachers will make it happen. So your child can continue toward their goals.

Teacher Collaboration

Working Together to Be Our Best

Like learning, teaching is a journey. And our teachers at Colorado Connections Academy are constantly moving forward. They regularly share teaching tips and subject expertise with one another, and often coordinate efforts to help individual students overcome challenges or find new opportunities. All of our teachers love what they do. And they love helping each and every student build the knowledge and skills they need for a changing world.

Parent Collaboration

Partnering With Parents to Help Students Excel

Our teachers build bonds. With students. And with you. From the moment your child begins learning at Colorado Connections Academy, their teachers will be by your side, ready to chat about everything from teaching methods to your child’s particular needs. Consider our teachers as part of your team, as committed to your child’s future as you are. Because meaningful learning begins with meaningful connections.

Sample Lessons

Connections Academy provides a strong curriculum and flexible online learning environment to promote the success of your student.

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Connections Academy combines the best online and offline resources from leading educational publishers and curriculum specialists to deliver comprehensive, high-quality K–12 online education.

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