Ms. Morse

Terri Morse

Elementary School Teacher

Bemidji State University 

Terry Morse started teaching in 2010 and joined Wyoming Connections Academy in 2014. She teaches students in fifth grade. 

Why I Became a Teacher 

My dad was a teacher, and I was in his classroom a lot. I taught summer school as a student with him when they had a high school program. My path to being a teacher was a little longer than most. I took about a 10-year break before completing my teaching program.  

My favorite thing about teaching at Wyoming Connections Academy is that we have such awesome and supportive families. The students are fun too. 

The Online School Experience 

We have a safe learning environment, where it’s acceptable to make mistakes. After all, we learn from our mistakes and will keep making mistakes our whole lives. When students learn this, they are willing to try and learn.   

If there’s one thing I’d share with parents thinking about enrolling their student here, it’s that teachers and families have the same goal: student success. Our school is a good fit for all students.    

"I absolutely love the supportive nature of our little school."

—  Ms. Morse