Jay Tomich

Jay Tomich

Jay Tomich is a science teacher at Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). He has been teaching since 2001 and joined WYCA in 2017. Mr. Tomich has a bachelor’s degree in geography resource and environmental studies with a biology minor from Southwest Texas State University. He also has a master’s degree in natural science education and environment and natural resources from the University of Wyoming. Mr. Tomich shares his teaching story below:

“The passion my college professors had for helping students and their love of the content led me toward a path of teaching. Since 2001, I have been teaching science and special education in a variety of settings. A few years ago, I became a national board-certified teacher in early adolescence science.

I love teaching at Wyoming Connections Academy because I can build strong relationships with my students and individualize learning opportunities for each one. I also enjoy being part of the team of amazing teachers we have here. WYCA helps prepare students for a bright and successful future by creating student-centered learning opportunities, helping students become responsible for their own learning, and inviting students to advocate for themselves.

If there was one thing I would tell a prospective parent who is considering the decision to enroll in this school, it would be that online school students need as much support, if not more, than students at a bricks-and-mortar school. The Learning Coach role is important role. A parent’s involvement is essential to encourage, facilitate, motivate, and support the academic and behavioral needs of each student.”

In his spare time, Mr. Tomich enjoys backpacking, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, playing soccer, and going on outdoor adventures with his wife and son.

The benefits of teaching at Wyoming Connections Academy include building stronger relationships with students and creating individualized learning opportunities for each one.
— Mr. Tomich