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Emily Garrison

Emily Garrison and her sister and mother

Emily Garrison is an elementary school student at Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). Her sister, Sarah, is also a student at WYCA. The sisters share a passion for boxing and are occasionally on the road for competitions. Even when she travels, WYCA allows Emily to complete her schoolwork wherever there is an Internet connection. Read more about Emily’s story below.

“I was interested in WYCA because of the flexible schedule. I like to move around a lot and take little breaks, but at my previous traditional school, you couldn’t really do that. My favorite subject is language arts because I enjoy reading interesting books and stories–I have learned some reading strategies. I also really like writing little stories because it helps spark my creativity.

My teacher is more like an old friend to me because we are both interested in the same books; it is really fun to talk to her.

I am very passionate about reading and boxing. WYCA allows me to train for boxing without worrying about missing school. The flexible scheduling also gives me more time to read on my own. At my old bricks-and-mortar school, there weren’t as many opportunities for one-on-one time with my teacher. At WYCA, I get one-on-one time with my teacher at least every week through LiveLesson® sessions, and twice a month on the phone.”

What I like the most about Wyoming Connections Academy is that I can set a schedule that works for me. If I go out of town for boxing, or just have a fun day at the pool and going to lunch, we don’t have a ton of homework when we get back.
— Emily