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Tricia Simmons

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Tricia Simmons lives in Alpine, Wyoming, where she serves as Learning Coach for her sons, Cody, a high school student, and Ryan, an elementary school student, who both attend Wyoming Connections Academy (WYCA). Tricia shares her family’s story below.

'My husband and I have our own real estate company and therefore have a lot of flexibility in our schedules. Our family has always loved the ability to spend our time together on our own schedule. I love being a mom, and it has always been important to me to give my kids as much time as possible. I started homeschooling Cody when we lived in Oregon, and I continued after we moved to Wyoming six years ago.

As Cody got older, it became clear to me that I needed help with schooling. Honestly, the thought of grading another paper or having another battle about why a project needed to be done was just too much for me. We also needed a better gauge for making sure we were covering all the necessary topics.

A friend of mine started WYCA with her daughter two years ago. They were so happy with the program and the teachers that I became very interested in learning more and was willing to give it a try. I liked the WYCA program because I wouldn’t have to ship my kids off every day, but I would gain help in the scheduling and administering of school.

WYCA provides the topics and learning gauge we needed. The curriculum offers much more quality information than I would have been able to provide on my own. My older son is challenged by the courses he is taking, and this is pushing him to learn more than I think he would have in the bricks-and-mortar school. When Ryan started in kindergarten, it was not just ABCs, colors, and singing anymore. He learned so much in one year, and I think it is because we have had a clear outline of objectives.

The best part of the program is the teachers. They are awesome. I am so happy with the help they provide me. I ask a lot of questions, and the teachers are very quick to answer and help me whenever I need them. Also, the flexibility we still have as a family is great.

I’d tell prospective families considering enrolling in Connections Academy that while starting a new school program is scary and can be overwhelming, the process is made easy by the administrators and teachers at WYCA. They ‘held my hand’ along the way, answered all my questions, and made the process a positive experience.'

The teachers are the very best. The support and instruction quality from the teachers is the backbone of the success of this program.
— Tricia