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Caleb Meyer

Caleb Meyer with a car

Caleb Meyer is a graduate of Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). He is from Gleason, Wisconsin and his brothers, Joshua and Mathias, are students at WCA. Caleb greatly benefited from the academic challenge that his WCA courses provided. His mother shares his story below.

“Caleb graduated from WCA this past year. He now attends Nicolet College near Rhinelander and is enrolled in the mechanical design/repair program, where he is doing very well. Because of his grades at WCA and the well-rounded education with which WCA provided him, Caleb received a grant from an area business that paid for his first semester of classes. His academic advisor informed him that he had achieved one of the highest scores he’d ever seen on the Accuplacer test, which gauges a student’s knowledge and skill levels before he or she enters college. I believe this speaks to the quality of the Connections Academy program.

Caleb was with Connections Academy since he was in third grade. His favorite subjects were geometry and history. WCA was a perfect fit for Caleb because he is a self-motivated individual and loved the fact that the program allowed him the freedom to be flexible with his schedule. Caleb loves to try new activities and enjoys dirt biking, snowboarding, skiing, and working on his Camaro. He volunteers for several organizations within his community. Caleb is also a huge Packers fan.

At WCA, Caleb had the freedom to take ownership of his own learning. For a student who needed academic challenge, these things were critical. As Caleb progressed, he became quite an independent learner. Increasingly, he began to rely on teacher support when he had questions, rather than on me, his Learning Coach.

The superior curriculum and amazing teacher support provided by WCA ensured that Caleb received the high-quality education he needed to experience success. By utilizing live lesson sessions, virtual whiteboards, video clips, and wonderful science equipment, WCA students benefit from a hands-on approach to learning that is both interactive and exciting. With this program, I feel confident that my children are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the future.”

What I liked most about WCA was the fact that I had such great teacher support. If I had any questions or didn’t understand something, the teachers were always there to help me. They were really great. I also liked that I could work at different times during the day.
— Caleb