Aliyah MacDonald


Aliyah MacDonald is an elementary student at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). She grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin, and enrolled with WCA as a kindergarten student. At WCA, Aliyah is able to get a high-quality education from the comfort of her home. “I get to still be home and be a part of my family,” she shares. Aliyah is the oldest of four and loves to help teach her sister, Adalee, new words as they learn to read.

With more scheduling flexibility, Aliyah has more time for enjoyable activities, including church group, dance, an art class through the Appleton Area School District, and Kid Stage, where she practices acting. She also likes to spend time with her sister and friends from church.

Aliyah enjoys participating in WCA’s local field trips. She has gone to baseball games, learned to fence, seen a musical—and she even went rock climbing for the first time!

The interactive courses and helpful teachers—particularly Ms.Graf—at WCA have helped make learning exciting and fun for Aliyah. Her favorite subject is math, as she loves learning with the workbooks and solving problems.

I get to still be home and be a part of my family.
— Aliyah