Online School Counselors

Wisconsin Connections Academy’s (WCA) licensed virtual school counselors are dedicated to guiding students to reach their full potential, assisting with:

  • Academic goal setting, scheduling, and planning
  • Personal and social development
  • Career planning
  • College planning

Helping Students Succeed

With master’s degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology, our school counselors help students address the personal, social, and academic issues that can affect their success in school and in life.

At WCA, our virtual school counseling program is built on relationships, so our counselors are readily accessible to students and families—online, in person, and by phone. With the additional support from our national Connections Academy office and its collaborative network of school counselors across the United States, our counselors bring both individual attention and national expertise to our students and families.

Preparing Students for College and Career

Beyond their daily counseling activities, our counselors offer services designed to help Wisconsin virtual high school students prepare for college and career with:

  • Personal learning plans focusing on postgraduation goals
  • Interactive online classroom sessions connecting Connections Academy families across the country with real-time information on financial aid and scholarships, college application processes, entrance requirements, and more
  • College test preparation courses for the ACT® examinations
  • One-on-one counseling with seniors to provide resources and assistance with postsecondary planning, including career options, vocational training, and selecting the right college
Jeff LeMahieu

Meet Jeff LeMahieu

Dean of Students

Jeff LeMahieu is the dean of students at WCA. He joined the school when it launched in 2002. Mr. LeMahieu works with students of all ages, but his main focus is high school students. He helps them to choose appropriate courses and set goals for life after high school. He is also the instructor for the high school ACT prep course.

Mr. LeMahieu is a strong supporter of our students and online education. He says, “Working with our high school students is very exciting. I enjoy discussing post high school plans with our students, and ensuring that their course work aligns with their future goals.”

Nicole Salm

Meet Nicole Salm

School Counselor

Nicole Salm is the school counselor at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). She decided to become an educator to make a difference. She earned her bachelor of science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and her master’s in counseling (CACREP accredited) from the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. Ms. Salm’s main objective as school counselor is to help students remove barriers preventing them from learning in order to help them find academic success to better ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential in life and becomes a contributing member of society. She shares a bit about herself below:

“I love the unique characteristics and backgrounds that each student brings to Connections Academy. Each student has a different story and reason for joining our virtual school. Our school is accepting of all students and creates a welcoming community for parents, teachers, and students through open-door communication. Our school offers various modes of communication (such as newsletters, email, phone, and face-to-face) to ensure that communication is available to everyone, and we welcome feedback from all members of the school. Whether it’s through individual conversations or a course, I love developing a rapport with every student!”