Tiffany Jumper

Middle School

Tiffany Jumper is a middle school teacher at Washington Connections Academy. She began teaching in 2017 and joined Washington Connections Academy in 2018. She earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics with an emphasis in middle school math at Western Governors University. Ms. Jumper explains what she loves about teaching at Washington Connections Academy below:

“I became a teacher because I am truly passionate about watching students learn and grow. My love of learning started at a young age. My grandmother owned a preschool, and I loved spending my summers working there and teaching young children at different ages and in different stages.

I love that Washington Connections Academy gives students the flexibility they need to be successful. Students are learning the skills they need to become self-starters and are discovering more about themselves. The best part: they won’t need to do it on their own. They have a full staff of teachers and administrators working together to ensure their success.

"Our school community is so special because you are truly never alone. You always have someone you can turn to for help in any given situation."

— Ms. Jumper

An education at Washington Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright and successful future by delivering an amazing curriculum that is on a par with the public school system. Washington Connections Academy also helps prepare students for a bright future by teaching them how to be self-starters and to be self-sufficient.

I have a beautiful family with three children and two dogs! In my spare time I love to read and watch TV. During the summers, I love to get out of the house and do anything outdoorsy. Most of all I love to learn; soon I will be going back to school to earn my master’s degree in special education."


Tiffany Jumper
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