Ben Legel

High School

Ben Legel is a high school science teacher at Washington Connections Academy. he started teaching in 2015 and joined Washington Connections Academy in 2017. he earned his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from southern Illinois University Edwardsville. he shares more about his experience below:

“I became a teacher because science was something I was always passionate about, and helping others understand the world around them brought me so much happiness. as a teenager I enjoyed helping my peers study and understand science and thought about becoming a teacher. I had wonderful teachers in my life who inspired me and fostered my desire to become a teacher. now I show my students how amazing science is every day, and I couldn’t be happier! I believe my excitement for science will become contagious for my students.

I enjoy how Washington Connections Academy offers a unique opportunity to connect with families in a way that no other school can. we interact with our students every week with a one-on-one phone call or Livelesson session, or in a group Livelesson. we make personal connections with our families, and using data we can support our students academically. in a virtual setting we have so much more data at our fingertips. we have instant access to student performance data and can identify areas of strength and areas of need.

"Washington Connections Academy offers an engaging and rigorous education that will prepare students for the future and set them up for success!"

— Mr. Legel

I believe Washington Connections Academy prepares students for the future because they learn how to take control of their own education by planning their academic work, organizing their calendars, arranging meetings with their teachers, and becoming more independent. these skills prepare students to become amazing students in college or professionals in the workforce.

Our school community is always interacting with one another. families are connected with timely feedback from teachers and by attending our many school-sponsored events. washington connections academy fosters this interconnected community throughout the school year."

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