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Experience Virtual School Technology

Washington Connections Academy is a Washington State online school that utilizes online technology to deliver a high-quality education to our students. Washington Connections Academy students enjoy an immersive educational experience from just about anywhere. All that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection!

A high school student working on a computer

We believe educational technology works best when it makes learning more relatable, meaningful, and fun for online school students. Washington Connections Academy is committed to constantly developing and improving the engaging virtual tools and resources we use so that we can enrich the learning of our Washington State students.

Online school students who live in Washington State can access our interactive web tools, online lesson plans and instruction, and more in an environment of their choosing. With our constantly evolving technology, Washington Connections Academy:

  • Creates a virtual classroom experience where teachers and students work together in a supportive environment that is conducive to learning
  • Connects online school students with their teachers and the entire Connections Academy community of support
  • Guides Washington State students through a rigorous curriculum that meets their unique needs on top of meeting all state educational requirements

Connexus®—Your New Home Base

Connexus is the online engine that makes the quality educational experience at Washington Connections Academy possible. Connexus employs a user-friendly online education management system to help connect students with their lessons and their teachers and a wide range of educational resources designed to enrich their learning. Parents can use Connexus to:

  • Interact with teachers
  • Access curriculum and lessons
  • Stay up-to-date on student grades and progress
  • Schedule lessons and ensure the student is on track to complete the school year

See for yourself how Connections Academy brings the online school classroom to your student!

  • View an extensive list of elementary school sample lessons, middle school sample lessons, and high school sample lessons, and see how our technology enriches student learning.
  • Experience Connections Academy’s LiveLesson sessions, which feature live instructors who teach your student in real time.