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Online School Counselors

Students at Washington Connections Academy online public school have the support of an educational team comprised of parents or Learning Coaches, teachers, and full-time licensed school counselors. Washington Connections Academy’s dedicated counselors will work to assist students with:

  • Establishing academic goals
  • Determining a career path
  • Identifying college aspirations
  • Developing a practical schedule to achieve these goals

Helping Students Succeed Beyond Online School

The online school counselors at Washington Connections Academy (WACA) merge their advanced training and degrees in developmental and educational psychology with their caring attitude and dedication to helping each student achieve his or her personal best. They are well prepared to address the personal, social, and academic issues that can affect students’ success in school and in life. Students also benefit from the support of the Connections Academy national headquarters, through which school counselors have collaborative access to families and professionals across the country.

At WACA, we understand that the relationship with the public school counselor goes beyond the student and may include the entire family. We also understand that communication is the key, so our counselors are available to students and parents through multiple media, including online, over the phone, and in person.

Preparing Students for College and Career

The school counselors at Washington Connections Academy, a virtual public school, also assist students in their quest for academic and career success through:

  • Individualized academic plans that position students to achieve postgraduate goals
  • LiveLesson® sessions that bring Connections Academy families together to discuss real-life concerns about college and career preparation
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams like the SAT
  • Personalized counseling for each student to address their hopes and desires for career success, including college or vocational education preparation, internship possibilities, and other postsecondary needs