Utah Statewide Online Education Program FAQs

What is the Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP)?

The Statewide Online Education Program was created by the Utah Legislature in spring 2011 and signed into law by the Governor giving Utah students the opportunity to take the online courses they need, at no cost to them. Under SOEP, students can choose any course from an approved online provider and a portion of their public school per-pupil follows.

Who qualifies for free courses under SOEP?

For the 2015–16 school year, students in grades 9–12 enrolled in a Utah public high school are eligible to take up to five (5.0) full-year online courses (10 semester-long courses) at no charge through an approved online provider. The number of courses a student can take increases each year. Home school and private school students may also participate in SOEP.

How is Utah Connections Academy involved with SOEP?

The SOEP designates Utah charter schools “created exclusively for the purpose of serving students online” as the first approved course providers under SEOP. Utah Connections Academy uses the highly regarded Connections Academy curriculum.

Will my SOEP online courses count toward graduation?

Yes! Online courses you take through SOEP will count towards graduation and are part of the Student Education/Occupation Plan which outlines the credits you need for graduation and your post-secondary goals.

When will SOEP courses begin?

You can begin taking SOEP courses on the same schedule as your other public school courses.

What is required of me as a student in an SOEP course?

Just like in your face-to-face courses, you will be expected to work hard, complete your assignments on time, respect the Honor Code (which prohibits cheating and plagiarism), and ask for help when you need it. To meet your graduation requirements and stay on track for your diploma, you’ll want to try to finish your online courses on the same basic schedule as your face-to-face courses. 

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