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Utah Parent Testimonials

Utah Connections Academy Parents Give the Program High Ratings

Each year, we survey Utah Connections Academy parents to get their feedback on our online education program and help identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve. Our parents evaluate the online school on a number of criteria including student progress, teacher support, and quality of the curriculum. Here’s what parents had to say about the program:

Utah Connections Academy
2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

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of parents agree that the curriculum is high quality.
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of parents agree their children are satisfied with the program.
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of parents are satisfied with teachers' helpfulness.
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of parents are satisfied with the variety of learning activities.
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of parents agree that their child is receiving a quality education.  
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of parents agree that our technology tools improve their child's learning experience.

Based on 2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey.

Student Satisfaction

Nearly 92% of our parents say their children are satisfied with our program and are pleased with their child’s academic growth.

I love this school's approach to education. One of my students is ahead of the game and needs more challenging activities, which they get through Utah Connections Academy. My other student doesn't learn well in a traditional classroom setting. They do much better when they can review lessons at their own pace until they understand it. I would not feel adequate enough to educate both of them together and still get everything else finished. But with Connections Academy, my children have excellent lessons planned and prepared every day. And each of my students has the support of the teachers to help ensure they stay on track and are doing well. I can be there to know every day where they struggle and where they excel to help them move forward or step aside and go over material again until they fully understand it!.

I have and will continue to tell fellow parents to send their children to UCA. It has been great working with the teachers and watching my daughter grow. She is having fun with her education! This is a GREAT school. We love it!

CA takes the good qualities of a public brick & mortar school–such as state approved educational guidelines and the availability of free resources to parents and students; a private school–such as dedicated educators and a sound curriculum with a variety of resources; and homeschooling–such as flexibility and an education tailored to the individual student. These things are combined to make an excellent school.

Teachers Provide a High Level of Support

Nearly 97% of our parents praised the helpfulness of their child’s teacher. Our parents appreciate the dedication and professionalism of our teaching staff and report a high level of satisfaction with their work.

The teachers at UCA are always around to talk  either by phone, WebMail, or during individual lessons.

It has been great working with the teachers and watching my daughter grow at UCA. She is having fun with her education!

Because UCA employs top-notch teachers, it produces top-notch students.

Can I just say that ALL of our teachers at Utah Connections Academy have been superb! Everyone of them ALWAYS goes above and beyond the call of duty...I love our teachers at UCA. YOU ALL ROCK! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU for what you have done for my children! It means the world to me :)

The teachers in this school are wonderful, so caring and compassionate. I feel that they care about the students and their success from the bottom of their hearts. I will never send my children back to a brick-and-mortar school after our positive experiences here.

The Curriculum is High Quality

In fact, 92% of our parents agree that our curriculum is high quality. UCA strives to bring together the best educational resources in order to create challenging and inspiring lessons for students.

At UCA, the class sizes are small, the curriculum is great, and there are so many different language courses, etc. There are unlimited clubs to join, plus field trips to places such as Zion National Park and the Museum of Natural History.

Utah Connections Academy also offers a Gifted and Talented program as well as other kinds of programs for all kinds of students. Students can earn high school credits as well as college credits, working at the pace that is right for them.

UCA has more than adequately provided resources to teach my grandson the curriculum. He’s a bright student, and is constantly challenged by the UCA curriculum. I feel that he’s receiving an outstanding education.

As a professional educator, I am constantly amazed at the integration of learning across all subjects at UCA. For example, when we learn about money in math, we also apply that knowledge in reading, social studies, science, technology, etc. The reading skills we learn in language arts, we also practice in the math, science, and social studies, as well. In all of my professional training, this integration is ideal in education.

Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

Over 93% of our families agreed that our technology tools helped to improve their children’s learning experiences. Many parents appreciated Connexus ® our proprietary education management system for helping to keep them organized with grade tracking, scheduling, and communication.

The Connexus education management system provides a lot of information, but is still simple to use. Schoolwork can be done on a schedule that works the best for an individual. A student can work at a pace that is advantageous to their abilities and interests. They can work quickly and then move on to other work or they may work slowly without pressure when they don’t understand and they have the freedom to dig deeper into something that interests them.

The Tech Support staff at UCA is available at all times to answer questions or lead you to someone else who can help you.

The teachers, staff, and Tech Support team are hugely helpful. WebMail® emails are always answered promptly and completely as well as accurately. We enjoy learning with our children. We love CA!