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Elizabeth Bankhead

Middle School Science Teacher

"I am a middle school science teacher. I chose to come to Utah Connections Academy largely because I enjoyed the online setting that all teachers were ushered into during the onset of Covid. I felt my life became more balanced and decreased dramatically in stress levels, yet I was still able to teach, which is something I love and feel called to do.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

I came to Utah Connections Academy with a background in teaching and a career as a scientist. After 8 years working as an ecologist and developmental biologist (all was as a technician), I became a formal teacher. I taught science to grades 5 through 8 for nearly 5 years at brick and mortar schools before joining Utah Connections Academy.

I am from the northwest, but came to Utah for university and haven't left. My mother's family lives in Lehi and both they and dear friends have made this state my home. My family lives all over the US and I stay in close contact with them through the beauty of cell phones and Marco Polo. I am grateful for those inventions, for I do not think that I would be as close to those I love so dearly without them.

"I love and feel called to teach."

— Ms. Bankhead

Some random facts about myself is that my favorite sport is swing dancing (yes, dancing is a sport), I love historical fashion and have many pieces that I prize, I feel very fulfilled in food preservation and storage, and I enjoy the outdoors largely because of the curiosity that it draws from me."

Elizabeth Bankhead