Michelle Colburn

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Michelle Colburn is a middle school language arts teacher at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). She started her teaching career in 2013 and joined UCA in 2017. Ms. Colburn received a bachelor’s degree in English and French from Lewis & Clark College and a master of fine arts in creative writing and publishing from the University of Baltimore. She is currently finishing a master’s in children’s literature at Hollins University and pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Utah. She shares her thoughts about teaching at an online school below:

“I love teaching at UCA because it allows so much flexibility for students and for teachers. I really like the way students can accelerate through the material if they are motivated and committed to making progress. I had a student last year complete two middle school grades in one calendar year, and I know we graduate young teenagers (15 and 16 years old) routinely. The flexible schedule also allows our students to pursue a lot of cool hobbies outside of school.

UCA students have to be self-starters to do well in this environment because a lot of the motivation to work on school has to come from within. I feel like that by having this trait, it means they will be successful throughout their lives and not just in education.

If you are considering enrolling your child in UCA, make sure you know what it takes to be a successful Learning Coach and that you are prepared to put in the time and effort to help your student succeed. You can’t just park your kid behind a laptop and hope that education happens. Not all family situations permit for a successful online school experience, and there’s no judgment when that is the case. This model works exceptionally well for a lot of different students, but it doesn’t work for 100 percent of students.”

I love teaching at UCA because it allows so much flexibility for students and for teachers!
— Ms. Colburn