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Jaydenn Kunzler

Jaydenn at the piano

Jaydenn Kunzler is an elementary student at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). She enjoys UCA’s interactive lessons and flexible scheduling. Her mom, Sherri, shares more below

"Prior to UCA, Jaydenn’s day would consist of leaving for school at 8:30 in the morning, attending school for 6 ½ hours, coming home to do homework, reading, practicing music lessons, completing daily chores, and then dropping into bed! She had no time to play or relax. This made for a very unhappy little girl who yearned for some free time. Jaydenn is a hard worker and the family is not opposed to hard work, but 6 ½ hours at school, followed by more schooling once she arrived home seemed to be too much. That doesn’t even include the transportation time.

We started researching alternative schooling options for Jaydenn. Homeschooling sounded enticing, but we worried about having a complete and well-rounded curriculum. Researching online led us to several options for public charter schools. Jaydenn participated in the online search and UCA had the most attractive web page. You may think that that’s an uneducated way to choose a school, but the website truly was a reflection of the entire program, and Jaydenn was excited about the idea of virtual learning.

Now she loves being a student of UCA. She says, ‘I love having time to do all the things I like.’ There are so many clubs to participate and this year—she tried Spanish 1, art, and cooking club. One of her favorite experiences was joining in on a karaoke LiveLesson® session. She sang for everyone who was a part of the session and felt famous for a brief moment.

It would take forever to write about all the cool things that Connexus® has and how it works, but let it be known that school days are very organized with the help of the student and family planner! The daily schedule is set up for what works best for Jaydenn and the family! Jaydenn can work at a pace that is best for her; she can do several math lessons if she wants or just one a day! She especially loves getting to hold her dog, Maylee, during her breaks.

Science is her favorite core class, but don’t be fooled. There are many hands-on hours of fun! It’s not all monotonous bookwork. Jaydenn also loves the interactive videos. Her teacher, Ms. Norton, has been so wonderful in helping her get her school schedule situated. Her LiveLesson sessions are fun and engaging. Receiving a personal phone call makes Jaydenn feel important.

Jaydenn is definitely a super busy student, so she loves the flexibility of UCA. Her hobby is swimming and she recently joined the local swim team. Jaydenn also plays the piano and cello, and takes art classes from a local art studio."

I love having time to do all the things I like.
— Jaydenn