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Jennifer Swan

Meet Jennifer Swan

Manager of Counseling Services

Jennifer Swan is the manager of counseling services at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). She received her BA in human development and family studies from University of Utah, and her MS in psychology- school counseling from Utah State University. Mrs. Swan brings a wealth of counseling experience to UCA as former school counselor for Tooele High School, East Hollywood High School, Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts, and Kairos Academy. She shares more about her story below.

“I am thrilled to be the manager of counseling services at UCA! Prior to being a school counselor, I worked at places such as the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS), The Children’s Center, Youth and Families with Promise (YFP), Workforce Services (DWS), and the YWCA battered women’s shelter. I have always wanted to make a difference by helping others, and I love working with our students to help them be successful in school, no matter what obstacles they might have to overcome.

One of the things I love about working at UCA is that our school offers an option for students who have struggled or whose best fit is not in a traditional classroom. It is central to my personal educational philosophy that schools serve the needs of every individual student. I love being able to watch my students as they grow and develop, and then launch into the world! It is my goal to help every student at our school become the best they can be and prepare them for the future. I truly believe in UCA’s philosophy “Every Child, Every Day!”