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Whether you’re new to distance learning or back for more resources, Connections Academy is here to help your student learn and grow.

To give you the benefit of our 20 years of experience in online learning, we’ve compiled this list of tips, resources, and answers to your top FAQs. We’re also proud to offer our comprehensive Resource Hub, filled with free online materials for parents, caretakers, and students.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Many of the Connections Academy schools are open. You can visit the school enrollment pages for more information.

If you have an immediate need to enroll in online school, Pearson Online Academyis available. It’s a tuition-based online private school for students in grades K–12 in the US and across the globe that uses the Connections Academy program. As a private school, there is a cost to attend, but financial assistance is available, which cuts tuition in half for the duration of your schooling at Pearson Online Academy. There are also no-interest payment plans.

As an online school, one of our top priorities is ensuring stability and continuity in education. Connections Academy students attend school from home every day, with teachers who teach remotely. This system helps us keep students safe while staying open, even when traditional schools may be closed.

And because Connections Academy has been delivering exceptional K–12 online learning for years, we often avoid the technical struggles or lack of engagement that traditional schools currently pivoting to online learning may face.

Connections Academy schools allow you to connect with teachers, lessons, and classmates online. Students have the flexibility to access school anywhere there’s an internet connection, at a time of day when learning works best for them. In an online school, each student’s experience can be personalized. Teachers have access to real-time student data, allowing them to modify instruction, practice skills, and offer more resources.

Although Connections Academy and homeschooling have some similar attributes, Connections Academy is different than homeschooling. With homeschooling, parents are responsible for creating and teaching lessons, as well as grading all assignments and assessments.

In contrast, Connections Academy schools are public, which means curriculum materials are provided and aligned to state standards. Lessons are taught by certified teachers specifically trained to teach online. Upon graduation, Connection Academy students receive the same high school diploma as their peers who attend traditional public high schools.

At Connections Academy, we offer students the right blend of stability and freedom, with a combination of structured, teacher-led online classroom LiveLesson® sessions as well as unstructured learning time in between.

Our students often lead busy lives, and our online flexibility allows our students and their families to decide what type of learning schedule works best for them. For some, that means scheduling breaks in between lessons. For others, leaving time for extracurricular activities is key. Check out the Connections Academy Resource Hub to explore examples of sample schedules.

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Just like in a brick-and-mortar school, the most successful students have parents who are involved in their education. We recommend that a parent or other trusted adult serve as a Learning Coach to support the student’s learning. Each family does this differently, and the role largely depends on the age of the student. For instance, students in high school are encouraged to work more independently, whereas elementary-age students will need more support while completing lessons. Some of the ways families may support learning include providing daily structure, communicating with teachers, and helping students stay on track.

As a parent, you know what kind of education will work best for your student and your family. Connections Academy offers online learning programs for both elementary school and middle school, which are designed to help students learn the basics, acquire study skills, and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Our middle school curriculum incorporates advanced virtual school technology, which makes learning more relatable, meaningful, and fun, while our elementary school curriculum features a mixture of online and printed materials. And our high school curriculum provides a solid foundation for whatever path graduates choose, attending college or starting a career.

Absolutely. Connections Academy is designed to set up a strong foundation for success in whatever a student wishes to pursue. Our flexible curriculum allows teachers to meet students at their level, helping them develop their individual gifts and talents and overcome challenges.

Graduates earn the same state-recognized diploma as their peers who attend traditional public schools. Our talented team of certified counselors offer services designed to help high school students determine—and achieve—their postgraduation goals.

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