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What Parents Say: Texas Connections Academy Reviews

Texas Connections Academy Parents Give the Program High Ratings

Each year, we survey Texas Connections Academy parents to get their feedback on our program and help identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve. Our parents evaluate the school on a number of criteria including student progress, teacher support, and quality of the curriculum. Here's what parents had to say about the program:

Texas Connections Academy
2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

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of parents agree that the curriculum is high quality.
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of parents agree their children are satisfied with the program.
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of parents agree that the teachers improve the learning experience.
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of parents are satisfied with the variety of learning activities.
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of families agree that the program is flexible.
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of parents agree that our technology tools improve their child's learning experience.

Based on 2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey.

Student Satisfaction

Over 94% of our parents say their children are satisfied with our program and are pleased with their child’s academic growth.

"We're really enjoying Connections Academy!  My daughter, Bethany, was behind on her reading skills ... Connections gave her second grade curriculum to catch up with. She completed all of her second grade curriculum in November and now is working toward completing third grade by the end of this year!  Thanks for giving her this opportunity to catch up with her peers!"

"My child absolutely loves Connections Academy.  He is able to work at his own pace and take time to re-think his answers before submitting them, which adds to better grades, which ultimately leads to a happier child. He has finally come out of his shell!"

Connections Teachers Provide a High Level of Support

Nearly 92% of parents agree that the teachers improve the learning experience. Our parents appreciate the dedication and professionalism of our teaching staff and report a high level of satisfaction with their work.

"I absolutely love the support I get from the faculty and staff. Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed, they are there with solutions and encouraging words."

"From the beginning, we were impressed with the smooth transition we experienced coming to Connections Academy from a regular public school. Every single person that we had contact with treated us with respect and did everything they could to help us."

The Curriculum is High Quality

Nearly 95% of parents agree that our curriculum is high quality. TCAH strives to bring together the best educational resources in order to create challenging and inspiring lessons for students.

"The material is challenging even for my bright kids. Critical thinking is an excellent piece of curriculum. Being self paced is great."

"I like how fluid it is. I can change the lesson configurations to keep up with my child’s interests and difficulties."

Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

Over 94% of families agree that our technology tools helped to improve their children’s learning experiences. Many parents appreciated our proprietary Learning Management System for helping to keep them organized with grade tracking, scheduling, and communication.

"The online schedule of daily classes with the teaching manual back-up is very helpful. I couldn't do this effectively without these tools. Additionally, the online grading and completion charts are a must."


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