Make Friends by Joining School Clubs and Activities

Build a robot. Work on the school newspaper or literary magazine. Compete in a chess tournament. Volunteer at the local blood drive. These activities can all be a part of the well-rounded student experience at Connections Academy.

At Connections Academy, we understand that connecting with other students is one of the most important parts of a great school experience. That's why we offer more school clubs and activities than any other online school. Whether a student is interested in artscience, or sports, Connections Academy has the perfect online school club.

With dozens of free school clubs and activities, students can pursue their interests and discover new talents while making friends in a safe environment. Meeting face-to-face for local activities or online with peers at other Connections Academy schools across the country, our students gain social confidence and new skills while having fun!

Our wide range of clubs and activities let students:

  • Easily make friends
  • Connect with other students across the country
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Explore new interests and expand their knowledge
  • Participate in fun contests and competitions
  • Have fun!

Socialization at Connections Academy Schools

Learn more about the student experience at our online public schools. Hear directly from one of our Connections Academy students as she describes how the many extracurricular opportunities connect students with shared interests.

Student Experience Catalog

Connections Academy offers enhanced socialization through a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. Check out our Student Experience Catalog to find out more! 

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