Shirin Worton

TCAH Learning Coach Shirin

Shirin Worton lives with her family in Carrollton, Texas. Her two sons, Caleb and Judah, are students at Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH). Her family appreciates the flexible schedule, curriculum materials, and helpful staff members at TCAH. She shares more of her story below.

“My name is Shirin Worton, and I am originally from London, England. My family and I moved to Texas 10 years ago, which has been a wonderful experience. The weather is one of my favorite things about living in Dallas. I have two precious boys, Caleb and Judah.

For the first two-and-a-half years, Caleb, our oldest child, attended our local elementary school. Halfway through second grade we realized that this option was not working for us. My husband’s work schedule had increased, and Caleb was extremely exhausted from being in school for such a long time each weekday. We really wanted Caleb to be more a part of our family instead of essentially out of our reach. So we decided to look for alternatives.

I embarked on the scary journey of homeschooling both Caleb and Judah for the next two years. I truly loved the experience, but I really wanted more accountability. So we started to look into virtual public schools. Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH) was the first school to come up during our Internet search. We decided to apply. The process was amazing and very simple. Within a few weeks we were enrolled, and a few days later a computer and learning materials arrived.

I was definitely nervous but also excited, as I knew Caleb was ready for a change. The transition was very easy. Our homeroom teacher made the introduction to this school extremely pleasant and easy to understand. She never made me feel silly when I had questions; she was always very helpful.

I highly recommend Connections Academy. In fact, I have done so to several of my friends. It is a clear step-by-step way of learning that has allowed Caleb to take more responsibility for his studies. Connections Academy has also given us more precious time with him. It has enabled Caleb to be a part of extra school activities such as sports, without its having to be late at night, as now he can participate during the day. I love being able to have a connection with Caleb and to all that he is learning. The accountability is great for me and for him. The teachers are very supportive, and that helps a great deal.

Last year we enrolled our younger son, Judah, and he too, has thoroughly enjoyed his TCAH experience. He specifically enjoys watching the BrainPOP ® movies.

Overall, as a family we are very happy to be a part of Connections Academy and are excited to see what each year brings us!”

Connections Academy offers a fun, interactive, visually stimulating, and educational way to participate in school.
— Shirin