Roberta Blasdell

TCAH Learning Coach Roberta and her husband

Roberta Blasdell lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband. Their grandchildren, Jon and Kelly, attend Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH), and she serves as their Learning Coach. Roberta loves the technological tools provided by TCAH, in that they help her remain abreast of her students’ progress. Also important to Mrs. Blasdell is the opportunity to schedule family time into the school day, thanks to TCAH’s flexibility. Read more of her story below.

“Jon and Kelly’s mother, Tami Blasdell-Victor, located information about Connections Academy. She researched it, and we all discussed the possibility of homeschooling. Together we made the decision to join the Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH) family. The experience has been good for the children and also for us. Not only are the children learning, but so are we.

Jon and Kelly are involved in other activities and are able to take time for those during the day, if necessary. Jon has just earned his Eagle rank in Scouts and is an accomplished French horn player. Kelly loves riding horses and is a wonderful saxophone player. They are both in a homeschool orchestra and the youth choir at their home church. They have gone on summer choir tour to the Grand Canyon and on mission trip with their youth group.

It has been many years since my husband and I were in school and things have certainly changed. Some of the events the children have studied in history happened in our lifetime. I have been surprised by how much I’ve learned by being involved in their education. Kelly and Jon enjoy being able to relax while attending classes. If they need a break, they can take one—have a snack, eat lunch, laugh at a joke, listen to music, or whatever helps them through their day.

With Connections Academy, they have access to their teachers by WebMail, phone, and LiveLesson® sessions. There are also tutorials available. Each of my grandchildren can progress at his or her own pace and choose what lessons to work on at any given time. Having this type of input into their educational process has encouraged their learning.

Bill and I are Jon and Kelly’s grandparents. We are truly blessed to be able spend time with them. Watching them grow and mature as young people is a pleasure.

Their mom, Tami, is able to help them and keep track of their progress through the Connections Academy website. She is able to spend time with Jon and Kelly, discussing their day and helping them when needed.

We are all able to track their daily progress and grades and turn our attention to areas of need. The children know each and every day where they stand and what is expected of them. They are able to work ahead on lessons so they can take time off if they want. We are able to take time to visit museums, enjoy nature, and travel. Extra time with the family is always good.

Connections Academy has given our grandchildren the flexibility to learn and proceed at a pace they are comfortable with. They have both done a wonderful job in the school-at-home atmosphere, and with the help of TCAH they have learned a lot and matured into very special people. I am always amazed by everything they know. We are very happy to be a part of their learning experience. Thank you, TCAH!”

With Texas Connections Academy @ Houston, our grandchildren have access to their teachers. Each can progress at his or her own pace and choose which lesson to work on at any given time. Having this type of input into their educational process has encouraged their learning.
— Roberta