Naomi Moore

TCAH Learning Naomi

Former homeschooler Naomi Moore lives in Joshua, Texas with her family. She has enjoyed her role as Learning Coach since enrolling her daughter in Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH). Naomi has seen her daughter’s learning skills expand greatly due to the high level of educational help from TCAH’s qualified teachers. Here is her story:

“Since enrolling in TCAH, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I had been a homeschooling parent with four children since 1995, and I have used various curricula. I always wondered if my children were learning the right thing at the right time. Now that my daughter is enrolled in TCAH, I am confident that she is getting a thorough public school curriculum, and yet it is customized to meet her strengths and work on her weaknesses.

It was in early August of 2009 when I first learned about TCAH. Although we had already purchased a different curriculum, we decided to change to TCAH. They were so helpful in expediting our materials and getting us started. I found that you don’t have to be computer-savvy, as the system is very user-friendly. Each student and parent is given an orientation of the guidelines and uses of the online school. The system is under very careful monitoring, so I feel safe with my daughter using it.

One of my favorite things about the program is that students have educated teachers available for any question or problem. They communicate with teachers via WebMail, by phone, or through a LiveLesson ® session in the virtual, live classroom. Scheduled calls to the parent from the homeroom teacher, to discuss any questions or concerns, are very helpful.

Diagnostic testing is given to each child to ensure the right curriculum for him or her. The curriculum also includes the TAKS testing. TCAH provides you with the information on available testing centers near you and gives you the dates of the tests for each grade. Also, appropriate preparation and practice are given.

The flexibility of the program is excellent, and if you need to go out of town, you can take your laptop, or do schoolwork from wherever there is Internet access. Textbooks are online too, so no tagging along extra heavy books. TCAH offers extra activities, clubs, and contests for all grades."

I must say that, thanks to this school, this has been our least stressful year learning at home. My daughter has largely expanded her learning skills due to the high level of educational help from qualified teachers. As the months have passed, I’ve only had more appreciation for the program, and I would highly recommend it! Thanks, TCAH, for offering us the best!
— Naomi