Linda Wheeler

TCAH Learning Coach Linda and her grandaughter

From Crosbyton, Texas, Linda Wheeler is the grandmother and Learning Coach of a student at Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH). She is grateful for the high-caliber teachers and flexible scheduling options available to students at TCAH. Read more of her story below.

“I have been married for 33 years to my husband, Pete. We have two grown daughters, both married, and one granddaughter, Victoria (Tori), of whom we have guardianship. She is attending Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH).

We were making two round trips, for a total of 180 miles per day, to take our granddaughter, Tori, to school. I was not too thrilled with the local school, so we had been making that sacrifice to see that she got a good education.

After ten years, she got tired of the traveling, so she spent one semester enrolled at our local school. We decided that this was not going to work for the 2012–13 school year, and so I began looking online for homeschooling options. I hadn’t realized that there was such a thing as public school from home, but when I found TCAH and viewed the video introducing the school, I decided that it would be the way for us to go. I had looked at several other online schools, also, but ultimately chose TCAH.

We like TCAH because of the high-caliber teachers. They care whether the student passes. They enjoy their interaction with the students. I also like the flexibility of the schedule. The student doesn’t have to attend a certain class every day, but if the student is having problems with a class, the teachers are available at all times (during office hours and through WebMail). Plus, a student can work ahead on classes that don’t seem as hard or take more time on classes that are more difficult. I like that the teachers bend over backwards to work with a student in order to help him or her succeed.

At first, I didn’t really feel that I was a very good Learning Coach, but I have learned a lot. The first year was a learning experience for both Tori and me. We both continue to do better as we have more public virtual school experience under our belts.”

We like Texas Connections Academy @ Houston because of the high-caliber teachers. They care whether the student passes. They also enjoy their interaction with the students.
— Linda