Savannah Pinkston

High School

Savannah Pinkston is a high school student at Tennessee Connections Academy (TNCA). She attends our school along with her three siblings, Brianna, Jenna, and Mollie. Savannah has enjoyed the flexible schedule but structured learning experience that Tennessee Connections Academy provides. She shares her story below:

“My sisters and I were homeschooled during the 2018–2019 school year. I became concerned that I was not learning enough. We wanted to find a school that had a structured curriculum but was still enjoyable and could be done at home. Tennessee Connections Academy is a much better program/school. We are provided endless helpful resources, plenty of time to work and talk with real teachers, and a structured curriculum with state tests.

“Having a flexible schedule is a great benefit. We can do our schoolwork on our own time and create our own school day schedule. The relationships I have with my teachers are friendly and strengthening. I communicate with them and never at any time am I afraid to! They are all excellent teachers and have always created welcoming and inviting atmospheres in their classrooms. My favorite subjects currently are biology, geometry, and lifetime wellness. I am learning so much in these classes, and they are super fun and enjoyable courses!”

What I love most about Tennessee Connections Academy is how much all the teachers care about the success of their students.

— Savannah

Savannah enjoys spending time with her family and friends and has several passions outside of school. She says, “I enjoy doing anything when in the company of those I love, but I particularly enjoy outdoor activities. I am passionate about swimming, taking pictures, writing cards and letters, playing piano, learning guitar, and taking care of little kids and babies. To manage my schedule around these interests, I plan my schoolwork accordingly. I stay in touch with my friends through my church. I also call or FaceTime them.

“After I graduate from high school, I plan to go to college and possibly work in the medical field. Tennessee Connections Academy has helped me prepare for this so far by instructing me on everything I will need to do to graduate high school. The Freshman Success course has helped prepare me for the future.”