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Nyriah Thadathil

Nyriah Thadathil

Nyriah Thadathil is a middle school student at Tennessee Connections Academy (TNCA). Since enrolling, Nyriah has enjoyed the personalized learning experience that our school provides. She shares her story below:

“Last year, my mom traditionally homeschooled my siblings and me. We were looking for an online school this year. My parents did research and we all went to a local seminar. We liked that the schedule at Tennessee Connections Academy was flexible and that the learning could be personalized to our specific needs. In particular, we liked the choice of a gifted program.”

Nyriah has noticed several differences with online schooling. She says, “Now I have different teachers for each subject and other kids in my class. I feel like it is a lot more independent work, fewer textbooks, and a more flexible schedule. I am a sixth-grade student, but I go to a seventh-grade math class. I like this because instead of learning things I already know in math, I get to learn new things. With my teachers, I like that I can ask questions during LiveLesson® sessions. I can also send them a WebMail message, and I usually get a reply promptly.

“My favorite subject is language arts or reading because I love reading! During some of my free time, you might find me reading with my kitty curled up in my lap. I am passionate about meeting my spiritual goals, and I also like playing sports such as basketball, baseball, kickball, and bicycle riding with family and friends. One of my hobbies is sewing—I’m always working on a sewing project. I can do most of these things after school or on the weekends. If they coincide with my regular schedule, I can easily work ahead with Tennessee Connections Academy or catch up later if I get behind. My sister and I also go to sleepovers and hang out with other girls our age. I usually see and talk to all my friends at least twice a week, so we stay in touch often.”

What I like most about Tennessee Connections Academy is having great teachers who are always ready to help and care about my education.
— Nyriah