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Succeed Now and in the Future

Imagine seeing your child greet each day excited to learn. That’s what Connections Academy® gives students and families.

Our online curriculum is a highly effective alternative to a traditional public or homeschool curriculum. While students are happier, parents are relieved to have Connections Academy’s state and locally aligned curriculum and experienced teachers.

By giving each student the right level of academic challenge with caring support and motivation, your student will be set up to succeed now and as they progress through college, career, and life. Read on to discover the difference.

What is Connections Academy’s experience with online school?

With 20 years of experience, Connections Academy knows what it takes to keep students motivated to learn in a virtual setting. We’ve honed our approach over two decades to make sure your student is learning and reaching their fullest potential.

What do parents think of Connections Academy?

Parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with Connections Academy. Our 2019‒2020 Parent Satisfaction Survey shows that 96 percent of families say their child is receiving a quality education.

What kind of students attend Connections Academy?

Connections Academy is a tuition-free online public school serving all types of students, from the academically advanced to students who struggle in a traditional school setting. Without the hustle and bustle of a traditional classroom, students can focus on their schoolwork, with individualized attention from specially trained teachers.

Looking at 70,000 enrolled students across our schools, we also found that students experiencing health challenges, bullying, or who were seeking flexibility and choice find a welcoming home at Connections Academy.

How does Connections Academy support students’ social and emotional growth?

The social and emotional health of our students is a priority for us. Working with students, parents, teachers, and school counselors, Connections Academy developed a social and emotional Well-being Charter. It’s a set of beliefs and promises between students and staff for creating a safe, welcoming, and healthy school setting for all students.

Is virtual school a good choice for students?

Recent research2 shows evidence that Connections Academy students can receive the same quality of education as offered at their local public school, while also taking advantage of the benefits of virtual schools. And students may be better positioned in Connections Academy‒supported schools than other virtual schools. For example, students at Connections Academy schools statistically outperformed similar students at other virtual schools in reading proficiency on state assessments.

Do students like attending Connections Academy’s online school?

Connections Academy students find that learning virtually gives them the choice of advanced courses, extracurricular activities, and flexibility to control their day. Our students say it best:

Students find that learning virtually gives them the choice of advanced courses, extracurricular activities, and flexibility to control their day.

My classes at Connections Academy have prepared me to do well on the SAT and to show universities that I want to challenge myself with honors and Advanced Placement®* classes. In the future, I would like to be a writer. Classes like AP Language and Composition have helped me be a better writer.

Danya P.

I wanted to stay at home more, do STEM activities, and hands-on projects. My schoolwork at Reach Cyber lets me do that, and that’s one of the things I like the most. I love the idea of flexibility and being able to choose the order in which I do my lessons.

Caroline N.

*Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with permission.