Image of Ms. Reames

Laura Reames

High School Teacher

Laura Reames is a high school science teacher at South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). She began teaching in 2004 and joined SCCA in 2011. She holds a bachelor of science in biological sciences and a master of education in teaching secondary science education. Ms. Reames teaches biology and Honors biology to ninth and tenth graders. She shares her story below.

"I became a teacher because I have enthusiasm for both learning and science. Education holds the key to unlock so many doors, and to be able to empower students with a passion for learning is priceless. My previous experiences, such as a camp instructor for special needs students, a graduate intern at Clemson University, and a teacher in a traditional classroom, have helped mold me into the science teacher I am today. I value my students’ curiosity. I enjoy watching students grow to appreciate each other's unique ideas and become leaders in their classes.

I love teaching at SCCA because we can truly provide a unique and personalized education to each of our students. Our program allows teachers to connect with students one-on-one, in small groups, or even in large groups to enhance learning. We also have unique opportunities to attend amazing field trips all around South Carolina!

"I love teaching at South Carolina Connections Academy because we can truly provide a unique, personalized education to each of our students."

—  Ms. Reames

I can honestly say that we have one of the best staffs at any school in South Carolina. The teachers at SCCA are like family. We are very proactive about reaching out to our students, making sure each student is getting the assistance they need, working together with other teachers, and working with parents to provide a truly one-of-a-kind education for our students.

My husband and I have two young sons, so when I’m not teaching, we like to spend much of our time outdoors. We love to travel and visit with family and friends."