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Lacy Daniel

2nd Grade Teacher

University of South Carolina Bachelor’s Early Childhood Education

Lacy teaches 2nd grade at Connections Academy. With over 15 years of teaching experience Mrs. Daniel has been teaching at South Carolina Connections Academy since 2018. Mrs. Daniel shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

"My older brother has learning disabilities that required our family to be creative in our approaches to learning and showing understanding of a topic. I also truly enjoy igniting the love of learning in my students, teaching is my calling.

I feel more connected to my families working in the virtual world than I did in my many years in brick and mortar. I am "in" families homes on an almost daily basis. I try to give the students time to socialize right before and after LiveLesson. I also use different methods for grouping them during the lesson that encourages them to talk/type to each other and contribute to our discussion.

"Be prepared to be amazed at what your child CAN do when the expectations are clear, support is consistent, and everyone (learning coaches, family members, and teachers) are involved, rooting for your student.”

—   Ms. Daniel

The Online School Experience at South Carolina Connections Academy

South Carolina Connections Academy encourages students to think and learn more about themselves. The learning is more personalized in the sense that students can focus on their strengths and talents while taking the time to address their weaknesses while not being hindered by them."

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