Logan Acker

Logan Acker


Logan Acker is a graduate of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA), along with her twin sister, Lydia. At SCCA, Logan was able to pursue her athletic passion while receiving a high-quality education. Learn more about her story below.

SCCA proved to be the best fit for the Acker family. Logan’s favorite subjects at SCCA were science, math, and history because they satisfied her curiosity about past and future world developments. She also became an Honor Roll student and a member of the National Honor Society. Though she is achieved academic excellence, Logan had the freedom to pursue her talents in ballet.

What I liked most about South Carolina Connections Academy is that it allowed me not only to have a more flexible schedule for my intense ballet training, but also to receive such a high standard education.

— Logan

Logan attended more than 20 hours of dance classes a week and musical theater and contemporary dance classes. As a member of the International Ballet’s senior company, Logan performed twice a year at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts and is involved with other programs within the community. Her dream is to dance professionally with a ballet company and regularly perform in front of an audience. Logan plans to obtain a college degree and pursue a career in science if her dance dream is not possible. South Carolina Connections Academy prepared Logan for the future by teaching her to be self-sufficient in her studies, organized, disciplined, and proficient in time management.

Logan Acker

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