Ayesha Blake

Ayesha Blake


Ayesha Blake is a graduate of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). As a formerly homeschooled student, Ayesha appreciated the attention that her SCCA teachers were able to give her. She shares her story below.

"Before SCCA, I was homeschooled by my mom. It was a great experience because I got to grow up under the supervision of my mom while still learning about the world around me. My mom was a great teacher for seven years, but with SCCA, I have even more help from my teachers. What interested me about SCCA was the flexibility and the ability to make connections with new teachers and classmates. I loved all of my teachers—they are awesome! Each relationship with my teachers was different, but they were all supportive and helped me when I needed it.

I loved attending the LiveLesson® sessions and using the resources that my teachers give me. My favorite subjects were English and history. I always loved to read, and English at SCCA allowed me to explore the elements of stories.

What I liked most about SCCA is being able to make connections with new people every day and getting to do my work at my own pace, while still having extra time to do what I love: riding horses. SCCA allowed me to set my own learning schedule, which gives me more time to see my friends and family. Some of my friends lived far away, so we kept in touch using emails and video chat. I was able to meet my best friend through SCCA, and for a long time, we used the Connections Academy WebMail system to communicate.

What interested me in South Carolina Connections Academy was the flexibility and the ability to make connections with new teachers and classmates. I love all of my teachers—they were awesome!

— Ayesha

My goals for the future include going to Clemson University to major in English and becoming an editor. I truly love to read, so I think this will be the best career for me. SCCA has helped me prepare for my future by offering great resources to investigate scholarships, colleges, and financial aid."

Ayesha Blake

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