Online Elementary School Curriculum

Young children need a strong base of knowledge when it comes to supporting their future in learning. For the grades of K–5, our virtual elementary school program was outlined to help students get a firm grasp on the basics, develop good study skills, and acquire a love of learning that will last them a lifetime. The elementary curriculum at South Carolina Connections Academy’s (SCCA) focuses on the fundamentals so our online students concentrate more on core subjects such as writing, reading, math, science, and social studies.

The Gifted and Talented Program

Connections Academy has a Gifted and Talented program available as early as grade 3 for those online elementary school students who qualify. If appropriate, younger students may be given the opportunity to enroll in these advanced online courses or may choose to work at a higher grade level.

“Best of Class” Materials

SCCA also uses “best of class” materials as part of the online elementary school curriculum. All materials come from the country’s top educational publishers and other educational content providers. Once enrolled at SCCA, you will receive all the lesson plans, texts, and materials you need in order to enjoy a quality learning experience from home.

The majority of our online elementary school curriculum content is actually in print and then supplemented with daily online content. As your child progresses through virtual elementary school, more of the curriculum content is online with the printed materials taking more of a supportive role.

Elementary Curriculum Content

Course Electives and Activities

SCCA recognizes the importance of course electives and activities and offers a variety of options to provide our students with a well-rounded educational experience. Electives range in topic from learning different languages to mastering daily living skills to learning to truly value the arts. Our various activities and clubs also offer students the chance to learn by doing.

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